Important Notice

Understanding Additional Services:  We cannot complete services without the proper preparation and time.  Our additional charges are a necessary part of our ability to meet your expectations set at the Service Explanation.  Declining suggested additional charges may change the outcome of your service and entire service cannot be guaranteed.

Pet Hair Removal


Removing pet hair can be a real pain,

Chances are, if you’re a proud dog owner, you’ve at some point faced the seemingly impossible task of removing hair from your car’s seats and carpets.

There are a variety of strategies for this; unfortunately, each one is equally time consuming and rather tedious.depending on how big the coverage is and how severe the pet hair damage is, with a quick look we can let you know a set price when a pet hair removal treatment is requested.

Severe Stain Removal


Stains can be tricky.  We do our very best to remove your unwanted stains, however, because of a multitude of variables we cannot guarantee they will disappear or look different.  We will guarantee that the area will be clean and we do guarantee that we will give our very best to remove it completely or to minimize it as much as possible.

Cost is determined by the amount of time needed… Shop fee is $60.00/hr

(See Super Detail Pack)

Important Notice

Are your headlights getting foggy?  Have us restore the exterior surface of your headlights to help increase visibility and aesthetic appeal.     We have two options depending on the foggy severity of your headlights.

We wet-sand compound polish,  machine shine polish, and then add sealant to the headlights.

($45 per pair)

Mold Removal

Mold spores are very dangerous and it’s the last thing you want to be breathing in your vehicle.  Point out your areas of concern at your Service Explanation.  If we find it, we will bring it to your attention and help you understand what the process to remove it may entail.  No worries ~ we’ve seen it before.

Cost is determined by the amount of time needed… Shop fee is $60.00/hr

Engine Cleaning

Engine detailing is primarily aesthetic.  Most car manufacturers do not recommend engine detailing unless requested by a professional before diagnostic testing and/or service.  Our technicians will choose the most appropriate way to accomplish your desired results depending on the make, model, year, and your intention.

(Cost is determined by the condition of engine)